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EHR Replacement: 10 Signs It's Definitely Time to Change Your EHR

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Electronic health records only date back to the 1960s, but the technology has rapidly decreased with every passing decade. We're in a new age of dynamic cloud solutions, artificial intelligence, and fully customized programming. But with so many EHR systems on the market, how do you choose the right one? And when is an optimal time to make this potentially daunting switch?

In this article, we will break down the signs it's time to upgrade your EHR software. Let's get into what you need to know.

10 Signs You Need to Consider a New EHR Solution

We get it. The transition process from one EHR system to a new system can feel downright overwhelming. Most healthcare facilities avoid making the switch, but sticking with an inefficient provider can result in everything from compromised patient data to frustrated clinicians to poorer communication within your healthcare organization.

Here are the leading signs it's time to consider making your EHR transition:

Your EHR System is Rigid

All EHR workflow should be dynamic and fluid to you or your company's specific needs. Unfortunately, some of the older electronic health records software remains archaic and cookie-cutter. With these systems, you need to adapt to their protocol rather than vice versa. While this may work for some providers, it may be missing the flexible features you need to streamline your practice.

Your Practice Has Outgrown Its EHR Provider

Many medical practices have humble beginnings, but if you've grown over the past few years, your current EHR may not have grown with you. Whether you're expanding to newer locations, hiring more clinicians to open a group practice, or adding specialized services, it's essential that you don't feel limited by your software. Not every solution is designed to grow with its providers, so if you feel like you're doing more work on your EHR than you'd prefer, it may be time to switch.

You're Not Getting Productive or Consistent Customer Service

Not all EHR systems prioritize customer service, but many medical providers find hands-on support necessary for achieving optimal patient outcomes. When the company's customer service is solid, you can trust that you won't have to waste hours (or spend additional money) trying to understand a feature. Without this kind of working relationship, there's a good chance you'll be left to figure everything out on your own, and this could be a serious mistake for your company.

The Costs of the EHR Software Keep Going Up

It may be true that you get what you pay for, but many EHR solutions focus on locking people in with a cheap rate only to conceal additional fees within the monthly or annual package. Other companies are known for luring companies in with tempting promotions, but they consistently hike the price once they have their loyal customers. Either way, when you're using an EHR, you need to trust that the price you're paying is fair and free from hidden costs.

There's No AI Integration

Despite all the controversy surrounding artificial intelligence, successful healthcare providers view AI as a meaningful tool to augment their practice. For example, rather than agonize over time-consuming tasks (like writing a treatment plan), AI can link the necessary information throughout the software system making it easy to save time on documentation.

The EHR Design or Programming is Clunky

Unless you (and everyone in your company) are highly savvy with technology, some of the more complex EHR systems end up being more of a hassle than a convenience. Ideally, your EHR should feel like one seamless system where all features are intuitive and easy to customize.

Integration With Other Software Is Minimal or Missing

Unfortunately, many EHR systems lack compatibility and communication access with other systems. This requires providers to spend more time manually inputting data or copying and pasting certain parts of their health systems. The right EHR is seamlessly compatible with major tools including Zoom, DocuSign, and Google. This integration allows you to create customized reports and provide fully-encrypted telehealth services.

Your Current System Doesn't Have a Mobile App

In this day and age, mobility isn't a luxury- it's a necessity for every on-the-go medical professional. Providers need EHR systems that have intuitive apps that can be accessed whenever they need to. If your existing EHR doesn't have a mobile app, this absence can disrupt both the clinician and patient experience. This is particularly true in the event of a healthcare emergency or patient crisis.

You're Concerned About Patient Data and Privacy

You should never have to worry about the integrity of patient safety when using any health information technology. That said, if you're using an older EHR system, you may not be able to ensure the company is staying up to date with all applicable regulations. If that's the case, you need a company that unquestionably prioritizes quality patient care. This means encrypting their data, creating strict access controls for authorized vs. non-authorized users, and conducting routine security audits.

Your EHR System Has No Real Knowledge of the Healthcare Industry

Some EHR systems are simply profit-driven without any real concern for the integrity of a modern healthcare practice. While this may not always seem important when you first use a service, it can become more crucial if your current system fails to keep up with changing trends, regulations, or industry standards. With that, it can be highly advantageous to work with a company backed by healthcare professionals who have worked directly within healthcare roles.

Making Your EHR Switch With Navix Health

At Navix Health, we offer a comprehensive electronic health record tailored to your clinical or medical practice. We value patient care in the utmost regard, which is why we're dedicated to helping our clinicians with everything from seamless data migration to offering fully customized clinical content.

We are committed to simplifying and streamlining the logistical matters of behavioral health. Our software is intuitive and secure and intended to grow with you and your practice.

We offer a smooth transition from any current EHR vendor to our affordable and new EHR system. And if you're new to the EHR experience, we'd love to show you how we differ from our competitors. Contact us today to schedule your custom demo

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