About us

We are Innovating Behavioral Health

Navix Health's integrated platform, powered by NavixAI, transforms how you manage your behavioral health practice. Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time creating positive patient experiences.

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Our Story

After years within the behavioral healthcare sector, witnessing the challenges faced by professionals and facilities, we realized the critical need for adaptable and intuitive software.

Navix Health was born out of this necessity. Our journey is driven by the passion to empower practitioners and improve patient outcomes through innovative and user-friendly technology. Join us in reshaping behavioral healthcare for the better.

At Navix Health, our mission is to revolutionize behavioral healthcare through tailored software solutions. We are committed to empowering treatment professionals by delivering integrated, adaptable, and user-friendly applications that drive efficient care management.


We empower you with an easy to use interface and business admin tools that allow the facility or private practice to change forms, customize drop-downs and create users.


We continuously innovate to meet the evolving needs of the behavioral health industry, offering customizable solutions that enhance care delivery.


We operate with integrity, ensuring our solutions are aligned with ethical standards and prioritize client well-being above all.


We foster partnerships and collaboration among professionals to drive positive change within the behavioral health industry.

Meet the NAVIX Team

Image of CEO of Navix Health Jason Brumback.
President & CEO
Jason Brumback

8 years in Behavioral HealthFounder, Resurface Group.
Based in Southern California.

Image of CTO of Navix Health Colin Christie.
Chairman & CTO
Colin Christie

22 years in Health Tech Experienced Founder / CEO.
Based in Manila, Philippines

Image of VP & Chief Product Officer Megan Weaver.
VP & Chief Product Officer
Megan Weaver, BA, SHRM-CP

17 years in Behavioral Health Founder, Complete Compliance Consulting. Based in Austin, Texas.

Image of Chief Marketing Officer Kristen Smith.
Chief Marketing Officer
Kristen Smith

19 years in Behavioral Health. Experienced in marketing, admissions and communications.
Based in Southern California.