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Support your private practice and, therefore, your life

Navix Hub™ seamlessly integrates CRM, EMR, and RCM, offering adaptable features for customizing behavioral health software. Designed for ease, it ensures intuitive use and smooth data transfer for seamless adoption and implementation.

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Navix Hub
Product solution

Enhance your practice management effortlessly with our integrated CRM. Stay connected with clients and colleagues, track patient sources for informed marketing decisions, and simplify networking by eliminating the need for multiple logins and business card tracking. Streamline your professional relationships with ease.

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Product features

Navix Hub
Health software

Current platforms are rigid 'file cabinets,' hindering workflow and viewed as necessary but ineffective in supporting practitioners and patients.

Medical Records
Revenue cycle Management
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Quality Management
Customer Relationship
Business Management tool
Complain Management


Simplifying admissions, client care, and billing in a seamless platform, powered by AI

Navix Hub™ is a fully unified software platform designed by and for behavioral health professionals.

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Product Features
All components built as one

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Client Onboarding
Client Discharge
Email Campaigns
Lead Management
Client Assessments
Referral Management
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Electronic medical records (EMR)

Medication Management
Forms Management
Clinical Quality Management
Lab Management
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Revenue cycle management (RCM) coming q4 of 2023

Integrated Charge Capture
Utilization Reviews
Utilization Reviews
Payments Management
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Navix hub toolbox

Forms Management
Resource Libraries
Client Portal
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Navix Health's

Mobile app

The Navix app allows you to track patients and referrals and access your Navix calendar on the go.

Quickly and easily check your calendar
Stay organized and productive
Manage admissions and referrals
Finish session notes while out and about
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Electronic Medical Records

The Navix user experience is a core value of why we created our software.  It is easy to use and a design that makes sense to the workflows of treatment providers.  Powered by AI, we are continuing to help clinicians save time and administrators to have clear access to overall insights into the company.

Navix Health's


Elevate your reporting with Navix with reporting pulling from the entire eco-system, CRM, EMR and RCM. Navix reporting feature coupled with NavixAI provides data along with actionable insights.

Reporting features in the CRM and EMR
Stay organized and productive
Reporting in ecosystem pulls provides more insights
AI driven reporting provides insights and not just data points
A graph example of leads by lead owner.A graph example of a length of stay by intake coordinator.
A graph example of a length of stay by referral sources.

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A Seamless Ecosystem

Customer relationship management features

Consolidate operations with our all-in-one CRM, featuring an integrated email suite, admissions client database, alumni tracking, and seamless document signatures, reducing the need for external tools.

Electronic medical records features

Enhance workflow efficiency with Navix Hub™ EMR, eliminating duplicate data entry and auto-populating redundant fields for seamless navigation, catering to users of all software competency levels.

Revenue cycle management features

Navix Hub™ RCM streamlines operations by curbing duplicate data entry, cutting chart audit time, and improving claims accuracy, facilitating billing for both bundled and unbundled claims through an efficient process.

Administrative Features

Navix Hub™ RCM streamlines operations by curbing duplicate data entry, cutting chart audit time, and improving claims accuracy, facilitating billing for both bundled and unbundled claims through an efficient process.

What makes

‍Navix different

Empower users with control through User Permissions, streamlining workflow, minimizing distractions, and boosting efficiency for enhanced productivity.

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decision making
Analytics. Actionable Insights.
Better Patient Experience & Outcomes. Happy Staff.
Seamless software
Integrated and Streamlined crm, emr, and rcm.
Adaptable workflows
Adaptable workflows
What is


NavixScribe™ is an AI-powered tool that transcribes and creates a formatted note based off of the recording of your session or an audio of a "raw" audio note. The recording button is accessed within the Navix EMR or you can use this tool by uploading an audio file in our suite of NavixAI tools.

Automation for Efficiency
Accuracy and Reliability
Integration with Familiar Platforms
Various Note Formats
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How  it


NavixScribe™ begins by transcribing audio recordings of your therapy session. It then analyze the text and generates your notes in the format of your choice; SOAP, DAP, SIRP, BIRP AND GIRP. NavixScribe™ allows you to dictate a note in a free-form style and will generate a note in your preferred format