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Navix Health is excited to bring you its latest innovation, NavixScribe™, a HIPAA-compliant, AI-powered tool that transcribes your session or audio file and writes a formatted note. NavixScribe Groups is now available to transcribe the group session and write formatted notes for each participant. The future of behavioral health technology is here with NAVIX.

AI-powered transcriptions & formatted notes
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What is


NavixScribe™ is an AI-powered tool that transcribes and creates a formatted note based off of the recording of your session or an audio of a "raw" audio note. The recording button is accessed within the Navix EMR or you can use this tool by uploading an audio file in our suite of NavixAI tools.

Automation for Efficiency
Accuracy and Reliability
Integration with Familiar Platforms
Various Note Formats
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How  it


NavixScribe™ begins by transcribing audio recordings of your one-on-one and group sessions.. It then analyze the text and generates your notes in the format of your choice; SOAP, DAP, SIRP, BIRP AND GIRP. NavixScribe™ allows you to dictate a note in a free-form style and will generate a note in your preferred format



Documentation is the #1 cause of burnout and frustration for clinicians. NavixScribe™ empowers behavioral health professionals and therapists by simplifying the process of note taking through transcribing and creating a note in your preferred format; SOAP, DAP, SIRP, BIRP or GIRP.

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Time saving

NavixScribe™ helps you reclaim valuable time by automatically creating your notes from your audio dictation allowing you to dedicate your focus entirely on your clients.

Multiple Formats

Whether you prefer SOAP, DAP, SIRP, BIRP, or GIRP format for your notes, NavixScribe™ has you covered.

Enhanced Accuracy

NavixScribe™ isn’t just quick—it’s precise. Improve the quality and reliability of your notes with this cutting-edge technology.

HIPAA Compliant

NavixScribe™ is HIPAA compliant, so your data and your client’s data are in safe hands.