Navix Health Partners with SOBRsafe for Advanced Alcohol Monitoring in Digital Healthcare

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This partnership aims to make patient care better and safer by using a new kind of alcohol detection. It's a big step forward in using technology to help patients.

Navix Health, a leader in healthcare technology, has announced its partnership with SOBRsafe, a pioneer in non-invasive alcohol detection. This collaboration integrates SOBRsafe's groundbreaking transdermal detection technology into Navix Health's Navix Hub™, a unified management software for behavioral health. This integration marks a significant step in digital health, offering real-time alcohol monitoring that enhances patient care and compliance. The CEO of Navix Health, Jason Brumback, and SOBRsafe's Chairman and CEO, Dave Gandini, express their enthusiasm for this partnership, anticipating improved healthcare outcomes through advanced alcohol intelligence

For an in-depth view of this partnership, you can access the full report here. For further details, you can also read the complete article on Accesswire.